Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Vatican Wants to Protect Image of the Pope

Edit: they're just begging for people to do something.
(Vatican Radio) The Secretariat of State of the Holy See issued a press release on Wednesday, detailing the steps being taken to protect the image of the Holy Father. Below, please find the full text of the communiqué, in unofficial English translation.
The Secretariat of State, among its tasks, has also that of protecting the image of the Holy Father, so that his message can reach the faithful intact and that his person not be exploited.
It is in view of these same purposes, that the Secretary of State protects the symbols and coats of arms of the Holy See, through appropriate regulatory instruments provided for on an international level.
In order to make its protective action more effective with respect to stated purposes, and to halt situations of illegality that arise, the Secretariat of State will effect systematic surveillance activities apt to monitor the ways in which the image of the Holy Father and the coats of arms of the Holy See are used, [and] if necessary intervene with appropriate action.


  1. I am begging him and all of them who are same as he is to protect IMAGE of CHRIST our LORD!
    Why they are doing THIS?!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This shows that the Vatican knows that Pope Francis is not popular in fact hated. No other ruling has ever had to be made about any other recent Pope....probably for over 150+ years. There was some vandalism of Papal insignia and images during the wars for the unification of Itali in the late 19th century,,,,but that was political. The Pope wasn;t actually hated. People just wanted a unified Italy minus the so called "Papal States" which had been in existence form the 7th century, until the 1860's and the unification of Italy. People ruined portraits of Pius IX in the same way people in Russia destroyed portraits of Czar Nicolas II during the communist revolution in 1917. So it had nothing to do with Pius as Pope....rather it was Pius the ruler (of the Papal States). One the Papal States were gone and a unified Italy was in place, Pius IX was loved and respected as THE POPE....not as "the ruler". So unlike today with Bergoglio, it had nothing to do with his office as Pope.
    Bergoglio on the other hand is hated as Pope. In Italy and elsewhere, they hate him for his departure from traditional Papal behavior, actions, speech, tradition, customs, teachings, etc. They are sick of him in general....but especially revile him over his support for Muslims. His recent comment saying that "there is no Muslim terrorism" was greeted in Italy and elsewhere as if he were mentally use nice language.
    There will be in coming months so much more actions against Francis that the Secretariat of State will be overwhelmed....and embarrassed.
    In a word, millions in Italy want Francis gone, and a real Catholic Pope taking his place.
    So do I.
    Damian Malliapalli

    1. God willing, you are correct.
      I can't even bring myself to return to Rome and Italy as a whole -- which I love -- until this abomination has been brought to its end.

  3. The cheapest way to accomplish this is for him to resign and consign himself to a facility in Argentina.
    Let it be done!

  4. Nothing anyone could do to harm this guys image that he hasn't already done to himself.

  5. What about images of his twin brother?:

  6. Pope Francis is a radical liberal, the Hillary Clinton of the Catholic Church. Just as all her pet projects and agenda was/is a huge turnoff to most sane USA citizens, so is Francis radical liberal dissident agenda.
    I hope the SSPX NEVER signs any agreement with the Vatican under a Pope like this. They alone, and the so called "restorationist" Orders Francis hates so much are the only places where you can find the true Church!
    Bergoglio the radical, the clown, the buffoon, the Muslim loving moron, the failure of a Pope will be gone soon. One way or the other.
    What will all his lackeys do when he's gone, and we havea real Pope?
    Damian Malliapalli

  7. Hhmmmm, the secretary of state wants to protect the image of the Pope, where was he when Pope Benedict was insulted and depicted as a dragqueen in every gay day pride?

  8. I do not believe they can control or restrict drawn pictures or caricatures, unless they're going to do the whole MoHamMad thing.

  9. This is the dumbest thing ever. How on earth can they control images of the pope, and why would they even bother to do this unless they were whacked out Marxists who actually believe they can quash dissenters by threats of police-state type actions?
    Nahhh...that can't be.

  10. I hope there's more anti-Francis happenings in Rome...even bigger than the posters.Keep it coming. Maybe in Poland and other places too!
    Damian Malliapalli


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